Gefran 1200 инструкция по программированию на русском

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1200 series temperature regulator

48 x 96 controllers, dual 4-digit display with configurable universal input on front panel.
The main measurement input is universal and allows connection of several types of sensors.
Regulation mode: ON-OFF; P; PD; PI; PID, either for heating or for cooling, with settings that can be adjusted via the keypad.
Alarm for load break or sensor short circuit.
Alarms can be configured as required.
Main applications: extrusion lines, material injection presses, thermoforming machines, ovens, packaging machines.

Supply voltage: 100 → 240 Vac / dc
— Thermocouples J; K; R; S; T; B; E; N; Ni-Ni18Mo and L
— Platinum probe: Pt 100; 3 wires; PTC NTC
— Relay (R): 3 A / 250 V
— Logic (D): 24 Vdc, Rout = 100Ω
— Analogue (W): 04 → 20 mA; 0 → 10V
Accuracy: +/-0.2% of full scale
Dimensions (mm) 48 x 96 x 110
Panel cut-out (mm): 44.5 x 92
Protection index: IP65 (front face)
Operating temperature: 0°C to +50°C

Gefran regulator

Техническая спецификация
1200 Temperature Controller Data Sheet

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PID Controller, 1/8 DIN

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Main features & Overview


Microprocessor controllers, 48×96 (1/8DIN) format for 1200 and 96×96 (1/4DIN) format for 1300, built with SMT technology.

Complete operator interface, protected by Lexan membrane to guarantee an IP65 faceplate protection level.

Composed of 4 keys, double 4-digit green LED display, 4 red signal LEDs for the 4 relay/logic outputs and 3 additional LEDs with programmable function to signal the instrument’s various function states.

The main input for the variable to be controlled is universal, and allows connection of a wide variety of signals: thermocouples, resistance thermometers, thermistors, normalized linear inputs, all with possibility of custom linearization set from the faceplate. Input type is selected entirely from the faceplate and requires no external adapter shunts/dividers.

A second auxiliary analog input from current transformer is available. You can select one of the two presettable setpoints, select Manual-Automatic mode, reset the alarm memory, or enable the hold function by means of the digital input.

The instrument prov >φ = 1) or logic (24V ± 10% (10Vmin a 20mA)).

An analog output in voltage or in current is also available. The functions of each output are freely configurable from the faceplate. In addition to the control and alarm outputs, you can also have outputs that repeat the state of the digital or retransmission input by process variable, setpoint, deviation, alarm trip points and values acquired via serial line.

An additional output (24VDC, 30mA max.) is available to power outside transmitters.

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The serial communication option can be in Current Loop or RS485, with MODBUS RTU protocol and maximum speed of 19200 baud (485). The instrument’s entire programming procedure is made easier by grouping the parameters in function blocks (CFG for control parameters, Inp for inputs, Out for outputs, etc.).

The instrument can also select the parameters to be displayed based on its hardware configuration, which automatically hides irrelevant parameters.

The instrument is supplied with an "EASY" configuration calling for just a few parameters (only those pertaining to the model ordered and essential to the controller’s operation). In this way, you just have to set the setpoint and the alarm, then launch self-tuning with the specific button.

For even simpler configuration, you can use a PC programming kit consisting of a cable and a guided program for Windows environment (see Technical Data code GF_eXpress).

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